Friday, December 1, 2017

Last of the Single Digits

Well we are now in the full swing of the holidays and as much as I dislike cold, I do love this time of year. We always have a lot to celebrate and be Thankful about at this time year.

First up, the boys had a great Halloween- they Trick or Treated at various events and enjoyed all the candy they got, but enjoyed the trade in policy we instituted a few years ago more! They get to keep 10 pieces and trade in everything else to donate to the troops and they get $10 for it. So they love to go "shopping" after Halloween.

November is a big month, where we celebrate our first born and also start the Christmas celebrations!

Aiden starts the countdown on Nov 1st and makes sure we all know the countdown to his birthday-lol. This year he turned 9 and I just can't believe how quick this kid is growing up. He was so happy because his birthday was the week of Thanksgiving so he had 1/2 day and a short week ( I was happy because the celebration was only 3-4 days vs a week this year-lol).

His birthday was low key (as we just got back from a weekend in Hershey- more to come on that in a bit), but he said it was great! We opened his presents before school as Daddy had to work late and then  I came in and was the "mystery reader" in his class and he claims he had no clue it was going to be me :) Then we played and celebrated the day with his brother, his Aunt Stacey and cousin Olivia. He said it was an awesome day!
Then the last of the celebration was his typical Thanksgiving Party with family. He celebrated with his grandparents and his Aunt June, Uncle Marc and cousins- Natalie, Marc, and Matthew. I still can't believe this is his last year as double digits- he's going to be 10 next year-  still wondering how that happened!
We always enjoy the day celebrating being thankful and our baby boy with family. I love when the cousins get together too and watch them grown and interact (and also cry as I see how fast these kids are growing up).

Once Thanksgiving was over it officially became Christmas in the Giosa Household!  I'm a big believer in the Christmas season not starting till after Thanksgiving, but in recent years I have allowed a small Christmas celebration the week before Thanksgiving at Hershey. I like doing it early to beat the crowds.

We stayed at the Hershey Lodge again and celebrated with all our Hershey favorite characters. We did change up Breakfast with Santa this year and decided to check out what Chocolate World had to offer. The time with Santa was great - they allowed each kid to spend one on one time with Santa talking about what they want for Christmas and then did a group shot. Aiden was a bit apprehensive this year and I wonder if he's starting to question the whole Santa thing...I'm trying to soak in every minute of him still believing as I know that time will be ending quickly.

There was also one other family member happy to see Santa- Keith decided to sit on his lap and ask for lots and lots of coffee-lol!
We decided to hit the park the first night we were there this year as the forecast called for rain (and there was lots of it!) It was a bit cold, but luckily not freezing and the kids had a blast still. They enjoyed seeing the park light up for Christmas and experiencing the rides at night.

We also did the drive through lights again which the kids just so enjoy, seeing the different Christmas themes and the Hershey characters.

Saturday after breakfast, we hung at the hotel and did the water park
which the kids love, although it was a little cold for JP. Aiden didn't seem to mind. They love doing the various slides, the Reese challenge water walk, and swimming in the pool.

We ended our vacation, meeting up with Keith's brother's family and having lunch. The kids had a blast with them and we're hoping next year to be there at the same time.

We then officially decorated our house for Christmas on Black Friday. I love to stay in and decorate while we stay in our PJs and watch Christmas specials, it has become a great tradition in our house and the kids seem to enjoy it too!

So we are happy to be in the holiday spirit and the kids are eagerly counting down the days!

Monday, October 23, 2017

To continue on?

So I know my post have been less and far between as the kids get older- they definitely keep me busy (maybe busier?) then when they were younger. Besides school and homework, our fall has been filled with HersheyPark trips with our cousins, Ninja Class, Fall Ball...lots of Fall Ball, and trips to the Pumpkin Patch.

The boys are off to a good school year. JP had a rough few weeks adjusting to the all day every day schedule as he would say school is to long, but he seemed to still love each day. He now is excited to get up and go and the both seem to be thriving. While JPs reports are still more behavior base on a weekly basis, Aiden has weekly test and his scores are amazing. We are so proud of both! And they look so handsome in their school pics.

JP also underwent a surgery this fall- while minor in comparison to some that he has endured, it still was a surgery. They removed the two plates that were put in his knee back in June of 16. The plates were put in to help correct his knee from turning inward and did a great job and now has a nice straight leg. He handled this surgery like a champ- and besides his usual unhappiness coming out of anesthesia he did just fine and was walking in no time. He was back to school in 2 days!

You will notice his left (non FH) leg was also casted. His left foot always seemed tight and not shaped properly. His doctor decided to xray it right before surgery to understand what might be going on and it turns out he has a small deformity, a bone fusion, in that foot. His 4th and 5th toe share the same base for lamest terms. I struggled with this diagnoses for the first day before realize all that this crazy kid has overcome and knew this changed nothing. His doc decided to cast him (while in surgery) to help stretch that foot out and it did exactly what she wanted too. We will leave that foot be for now till we notice an issue/problem.
Aiden is now in 3rd grade which means he got to pick a string instrument- the Viola was his choice. So far he's enjoying it and doesn't sound that bad. Of course he learned that next year he can play wind/brass instruments and already has his eye set on the Trumpet. So he sounds like he wants to be an instrumentalist like his Dad :P
Next up for the boys is Halloween- they both have field trips this week and then Friday is their Fall/Harvest party, which I'm so excited to be picked to participate in both.  This weekend we went Trick or Treating at HersheyPark and this Friday night is the school Trunk or Treat which they both can't wait let the sugar fest begin! My kids are always so sugared up at this time of year because they never have candy, but Flash and Steve from Minecraft can't wait!

 So I started this blog right before I had Aiden to keep friends and family (especially those not close by) updated on how our baby was growing. Then when JP was born I used it as a platform to be transparent of what it's like to raise a child with a birth defect that will have multiple surgeries. I have found this blog to be my outlet for my emotions, but as they get older I do find less time to write and see less readers.

So my question to all of you that still ready- do you want me to keep this going? I would be more then happy to do so (knowing my post still will be here and there). I just want to make sure that someone out there is getting something out of this :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

From Summer to School

Summer this year seem to go faster then ever. I feel like I blinked and the boys were back in school. I now have two elementary school kids- Aiden in 3rd grade and Jonathan in Kindergarten. Just two kids getting on the bus and in school all day. :(

 We had a good summer and I think the boys would agree. Nothing crazy, just lots of time playing in the blow up pool and hanging out and experiencing things- like Lego Discovery Land, watching a Blue Rocks game, going to the Touch of Truck event, hiking or mini golfing to name a few.

Overall, just trying to enjoy our time together and appreciate that they are getting older and we're running on borrowed time. We also surprised them a few times while cashing in on our Hershey Park season passes, which they loved!

 We also got to celebrate a big birthday for Daddy in July and the boys were so excited to make his day so special! They also learned that this is the last year Mommy will have a birthday-lol

We also took our annual trip to Outer Banks, NC the end of July. Again another fantastic year full of laughs and fun times. This year was chiller then what we typically experience, which was odd since we went almost a month earlier in the season! It didn't stop those crazy boys from swimming and enjoying the beach and ocean. I will say we had gorgeous weather all week and well we just all love our happy place!

And now we are back to the routine- school, homework, fall ball practice, and gymnastics. JP has handled the transition into elementary school pretty well. He is still adjusting to the all day schedule, but for the most part it is a lot smoother then I thought it would be. 

The day Aiden went to Kindergarten, I remember getting so emotional and crying as the bus drove away. It was hard, but there is something about sending your baby, your last born, off into the world. It starts to solidify, that why the days are long, the years are short. I didn't cry as the bus drove off, but cried almost every hour throughout the day till he came off the bus and then was so relieved to hear what a great day he had!

So as I accept that my babies are no more, I love watching them learn and grow into great young men and excited for the year ahead!I also have dedicated myself to make sure our weekends are more about the experiences we will have together.