Monday, September 11, 2017

From Summer to School

Summer this year seem to go faster then ever. I feel like I blinked and the boys were back in school. I now have two elementary school kids- Aiden in 3rd grade and Jonathan in Kindergarten. Just two kids getting on the bus and in school all day. :(

 We had a good summer and I think the boys would agree. Nothing crazy, just lots of time playing in the blow up pool and hanging out and experiencing things- like Lego Discovery Land, watching a Blue Rocks game, going to the Touch of Truck event, hiking or mini golfing to name a few.

Overall, just trying to enjoy our time together and appreciate that they are getting older and we're running on borrowed time. We also surprised them a few times while cashing in on our Hershey Park season passes, which they loved!

 We also got to celebrate a big birthday for Daddy in July and the boys were so excited to make his day so special! They also learned that this is the last year Mommy will have a birthday-lol

We also took our annual trip to Outer Banks, NC the end of July. Again another fantastic year full of laughs and fun times. This year was chiller then what we typically experience, which was odd since we went almost a month earlier in the season! It didn't stop those crazy boys from swimming and enjoying the beach and ocean. I will say we had gorgeous weather all week and well we just all love our happy place!

And now we are back to the routine- school, homework, fall ball practice, and gymnastics. JP has handled the transition into elementary school pretty well. He is still adjusting to the all day schedule, but for the most part it is a lot smoother then I thought it would be. 

The day Aiden went to Kindergarten, I remember getting so emotional and crying as the bus drove away. It was hard, but there is something about sending your baby, your last born, off into the world. It starts to solidify, that why the days are long, the years are short. I didn't cry as the bus drove off, but cried almost every hour throughout the day till he came off the bus and then was so relieved to hear what a great day he had!

So as I accept that my babies are no more, I love watching them learn and grow into great young men and excited for the year ahead!I also have dedicated myself to make sure our weekends are more about the experiences we will have together.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Goals

Wow- here we are already celebrating the 4th of July! The boys are having a good summer so far! Aiden wrapped up school on June 10th- and now he's a big 3rd grader- So crazy how fast he's growing! We realize our time with him is more and more precious as it's getting less and less.

Aiden also wrapped up baseball a few weeks ago- he had his last game and then participated in the Home run Derby in mid June. He's loving the game more and more! He is also getting better and better. Next year it gets real with only kid pitch and try outs! So we will be spending lots of time focusing on training this fall!

JP also is growing a little too fast! He had his Kindergarten assessment in early June (with Aiden's Kindergarten Teacher)! She said he did great! He's getting excited a little more each day to ride the bus and go to big boy school!

The boys have been continue to practice their skills to stay fresh over the summer- the first week they were excited- now it gets a little difficult as each week continues, but they do it and then realize it's fun!

The boys are having a great summer so far! They are having sleep overs in each other rooms, playing games, going to Hershey Park and lots of Water fun!

We are season pass holders to Hershey this summer which has been great- we went up early June and spent the days doing rides and then we went up this pass weekend and spent the day at the water park. The kids love that we get to "pick and choose" what we do knowing we can come back and do other things when we want.

We are also fortunate that my aunt and her neighbor allow my boys to join my cousins' kids (6 boys in total and 1 girl) and wreak havoc on their pool and water slide-lol! But they are a good sport and the kids have so much fun!

The kids also did VBS last week and had fun- both had their cousins in their "class".  They loved the program and having been singing the songs every since! VBS week also gave them a chance to have some extra play time with their cousins and a trip to the favorite Wally's Weiner World

 So  so the first weeks of summer have been busy! The boys are enjoying their "summer goals" and can't wait for vacation which is the end of this month! We hope everyone else is having a good summer too!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Just can't believe it

It's been a while since I wrote- seems the older the boys get at times life is chaotic, but on a whole new level. We hope everyone had a great Easter! We enjoyed ours with the company of our love ones- some pics for you that aren't on Facebook or Instragram.

This time of year is always a time for milestones for us- our anniversary, Aiden's half birthday (as he reminded me this morning), and today a big one- Jonathan "graduated" preschool!
It has been an emotional day for this Momma- there is something so different from watching your first born vs your last hit their milestones. You know the hugs, kisses, cuddles, sitting on laps etc. are about to end. Knowing this is the last time you will do this. The last time this will happen. While I'm so sad he's done preschool, it was a great day celebrating JP and all he has accomplished.

When I registered him for preschool, I quickly realized how different my boys were and their interest. I worried how JP would do and interact, but he did well and had amazing teachers both years who fostered his interest and help him grow in his learning.

JP has done so well and has grown so much and I'm so thankful for the experience both my boys had at First Presbyterian Bucket School! I will miss the school and teachers next year, but  the good part about being a "second" time parent is you know the amazing experience he's about to embark on. I'm excited to see what he will do and learn at Exton Elementry and pray for the teachers that had Aiden that could have him 😂. But to sum up this day, I'm sad, proud, happy, and excited to see the things that are to come for Jonathan "aka JP"

And a side note, so proud of my almost 8 1/2 year old (as of tomorrow he told me this am)- 😂. He's been doing amazing in 2nd grade, continues to love every minute of learning and as always enjoys school. I got to chaperone his field trip early this week to the Philly Zoo, which was so fun (and a bit crazy watching over 2nd grade boys 🙂).

And he's doing Amazing with baseball this year! I'm beyond proud how far he has come in the last year and love how passionate he is about it.
Aiden and his Best Friend 
He has even played his cousins a few times. 

We are so proud of our boys- their accomplishments, their various interest, and well the little men they are becoming!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

No more baby 😕

It's been over a month, but my "baby" turned 5 on February 23rd and I've had a hard time accepting it.
We started his day off with presents and "birthday" pancakes!

He claimed it was the "best day ever!" . Keith and I took off to spend the day with him on his last bday not in school. We took him to the Franklin Institute to see the Jurrasic World exhibit (aka the Dino Museum) which he loved! He soaked it all in and was beyond excited and couldn't wait to see what was beyond each turn.


After we made it through the exhibit, we hit other parts of the museum he never got to explore before, as he was a baby when we took his brother. It was fun watching him expand his mind.


We also allowed him to pick one last present, which he has treasured since... his Dino "Rexie".

After a fun day celebrating, he got to spend the next day honoring his birthday with his classmates having brownies and donuts for snack. Then that weekend JP got to celebrate with his grandparents, cousins, and aunts &uncles, which he couldn't wait for! He loved playing with them, opening the presents, and of course the big sing along and blowing out the candles!

So I think we can say this birthday was the "best!" I am struggling to be okay that my Baby is turning Five. As everything he does is the last for us, which is so hard for this Momma, but this kid also has taught us so much on strength, endurance, and perseverance.
I know there is so many exciting things for this kid to come, but  I'm just gonna take it a day at time!